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A Web Site about one persons Model Railroading hobby

The following is a list of the sections that you will find here, and I hope you enjoy your journey.

The Basics of DCC. A series of articles that explains DCC in a very basic and easy to understand way.  
No technical lingo here.
Model Railroad Signals. Thinking of adding signals to your layout?  This section has some good information to help you.
Model Railroad Operations Tired of running in circles?  Try operating your Model Railroad.  What it is and what you need to know.
LocoNet for non-Digitrax Layouts. Do you already have a DCC system that you just found out doesn't support signal systems?
Then this page is for you.  It explains how you can use one of the best signal systems available with your current DCC system.
Lift Bridges for Your Layout Room. If your layout crosses a doorway and you need a lift-up access, then check this section out.
It describes the basics of Lift Bridges and what you need to know to build one.  Four
different examples are given, with photos.
Tips and other Neat Stuff A section with various ideas and helpful hints.

My Chesapeake & Atlantic, HO scale Layout.
Check out my HO scale layout that I am currently working on.  It is complete enough that I am holding regular monthly operating sessions.  It's not a huge layout, but it fits my needs nicely.
So, Who is this "Wayne" anyway? Look here for a short bio and photo.